Scales of War

One night in the Antler and Thistle

From the journal of Eiravel, Viscount Richardson of Richardland

My rise to greatness all began one night in the Antler and Thistle Inn in Brindol.

My loyal manservant, Totey, and I had arrived in the city of Brindol in an attempt to secure an alliance between the city and my home kingdom, Richardland, on behalf of my father, Richard, Earl of Richardland. While I was adroitly working the innkeeper for an introduction to anyone on the council, we were rudely interrupted by the entrance of some unwanted visitors.

Hobgoblins smashed down the doors to the inn and seemed intent of burning the place to the ground. Seeing the need for my services, I lept into action and began systematically eliminating all who stood in my way.

During the scuffle, Totey was injured, the bar was set ablaze and several of the patrons (including my peasant cousin and her dog) managed to avoid stabbing themselves while attempting to assist me in driving off the intruders.

We gathered together outside and I began organizing my servant and other peasants into a fire brigade to save the city, when a monstrosity rounded the corner. An ogre, full grown was hitched to a wagon carrying explosive barrels and two hobgoblin masters.

Although an ogre represents a significant threat, my newfound companions kept the behemoth occupied while I crafted a plan. Using a bitumen torch taken from one of the goblin assailants, I hurled a flaming missile into the stacks of barrels on the cart. The resulting explosions and the not completely inept attacks of those around me, layed the ogre low and killed the hobgoblins.

Impressed by my bravery and quick actions, saving the town, we were invited to stay the night free of charge.




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