Scales of War

Of Mushrooms and Dragons

From the journal of Eiravel, Viscount Richardson of Richardland

Being well rested and plus one mangled bear pelt, it was time for my troupe to return to our urgent mission. We ventured once more into Rivenroar’s horrible horrible subbasements.

Just beyond the area we had explored, we came upon a pit down to a lower level. Looking into the large cavern beneath us, all we could see was a collection of strangely colored mushrooms. It was at this point that Ronin did something very odd.

Seized with madness, as if another were controlling his actions, Ronin slid down the wall of the pit and attempted to jump off of it into the mushroom room. Landing with only slight difficulty, he began hacking off pieces of the fungi and stuffing them into his bag. As he hacked into the flesh of the dungeon flora, they released spores into the air. Although Ronin shrugged off the effects of the red mushrooms, he was poisoned by the grey ones.

Believing that Ronin was in dire need of our assistance, we lowered Jack, Laura’s loyal canine friend by rope down into the room. Landing squarely on one of the red mushrooms, poor Jack was slowed. It was around this point that two giant drakes came tearing into the room.

Fearing that he had bit off more than he could chew, we lifted both Ronin and a now sleeping Jack back into our room and left the drakes snarling below.

But, at least we have samples of some deadly mushrooms, right?

After discovering the threats that awaited below us, we wisely decided to move up-stairs, into a small dark room with pulsating runes in the floor. That and some sneaky little gnome who thought he could hide from us. We quickly separated the gnome’s head from his shoulders and found an iron key on his corpse.

While Leucis spent some time trying to inform us that the runes on the floor told us that this was a crypt for some “Von Jallach” people, the rest of us moved into the next room and found Adronsius! He was shackled to the wall, and after allowing Ronin to fiddle around with the lock mechanism, I pushed him aside and used the key we had just recovered to free the dwarf.

We had freed our first captive and even more importantly, he had directions to where we could find Jalissa!




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