Scales of War

Eleven Steps to Finding an Eladrin

From the journal of Eiravel, Viscount Richardson of Richardland

Let’s see:

  • Down some stairs.
  • Across the Fire Room.
  • Left in the Crackle Room.
  • Around 2 Right Corners.
  • Thru the Death Room.
  • Up other stairs.
  • Thru the Sticky Room.
  • Left.
  • Up even more stairs.
  • Thru a Dusty Room.
  • and Left thru a door.

So apparently Adronsius had been blindfolded as he was lead to Jalissa. No matter. I can find the way.

And all went well until we entered the “Death Room.”

It did indeed smell like death. Really more like rotting corpses, but I guess “death” will do. The grotesque stench was not what caught my attention though. No no, that would have been the gigantic portal spanning an entire wall that looked upon a castle in a swamp.

As we pondered what to do about an inter-dimensional portal to some unknown location, our minds were made for us as a large gelatenous monster poured its way into our room. Discretion being the better part of valor and all, we decided to discretely retreat from the oozing mass of ochre jelly. Retreating backwards into some sort of freezing wraiths.

Being trapped between frostbitten undead and an amoeba like digestive tract, it became slaughtering time.

At this point, I would like to digress and explain that I am not a violent person. I have been well trained with blade and warfare, but only to protect my kingdom and my people. That said, I do not take kindly to monsters attempting to harm my person.

And so we dispatched these new horrors and decided that whatever this portal was, it was better left alone. And so up some stairs we went.

For those of you following along with my directions, this would take us to the Sticky Room.

The eponymous “sticky”-ness would of course be the silky spittle of a family of ettercaps. Ettercaps being, for those of you blessed enough to never have encountered any, would be man-sized humanoid spiders. Why any god or being would create such a horror is beyond me, but I do know the proper way to introduce yourself to their kind. The pointy end of my rapier.

Searching among the web like vomit of our adversaries, we encountered a sad sight. Kartenix, brave chief guardsman of Brindol, lay dead at our feet.

Erich, never being one for sentiment (or respect for the dead), claimed the Sunsword lying with the body and suggested we move on. The sword, being a clumsy weapon, seemed well suited to a warlord and so I made no objection.

This left only the Dusty Room between us and our Eladrin objective. This room was guarded only by a hobgoblin force and some small spitting lizards. Ronin asked us to “follow [his] lead.” Apparently, his lead consists of sneaking up and stabbing people in the back. I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised, and it made quick work of our foes.

Now only a door stood between us and our soon-to-be-rescued captive.




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