Scales of War

"Damn this stupid map!" or, "Why hobgoblin art doesn't sell very well."

From the journal of Eiravel, Viscount Richardson of Richardland


The mindless scratchings of an insane goblin.

I swear a drunk blind soft-in-the-head ogre could draw a better map with a broken hand.

So our intrepid band of adventurers set off into the wilderness following the map provided by my new hobgoblin friend. Unfortunately, we should have tried to decipher this mess before we left Brindol.

Apparently we are to find a giant tomato, pass a celery stalk, cross some bacon strips before reaching the upside down chainmail bloomers and then enter the cave that connects to Castle Rivenroar. Simple, right?

There are some names attached to these landmarks, but I am convinced that this was all a plan to have us wander into the woods and die.

In short our journey was an interesting one. Lots of tree climbing, some bouts of Laura using her tremendous experience in the wilderness to run us in circles and some extermination of chittering little bug things.

The less said of this, the better.




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