Scales of War

Are all Acolytes like this?

From the journal of Eiravel, Viscount Richardson of Richardland

We threw open the door to Jalissa’s room and found the acolyte shackled to the wall. I was stunned by her appearance.

Why is she wearing a wedding dress? I mean is that normal dress for acolytes of Ioun? Why is she looking at Erich like that? Does she have some sort of weird Daddy complex?

These questions would have to wait though. Ronin deftly picked the locks of her shackles just as Adronsius Stoutmantle entered the room with the key he found on one of the hobgoblins we had dispatched. Adronsius was going on about wanting the blood of the ettercaps in the other room, and so I gave him my waterskin, figuring it would simultaneously shut him up and leave him owing me a favor.

Since Jalissa seemed so smitten with Erich, Ronin and I busied ourselves searching the room for any clues. Ronin found a magical dagger in our search, and we acquired some other items of minor value. It was about this time, that it was decided that I should carry all of the groups wealth. Coming from a higher station, I was familiar with the proper handling and investment of wealth. I have my “gold piece/magic item investment fund” guy. It seemed only natural.

Meanwhile, Erich had discovered that little Thurann Dram had been kept with Jalissa until only the day before. The little scamp could apparently slip out of his shackles and fetch food for the two of them. Their guards had gotten wise to his hi-jinks and taken him away. But judging by the fact that Jalissa could still hear his screams, he wouldn’t be far.

We pushed ahead on the same level of the crypts and found some undead apparently sleeping, standing on a large mosaic of a black sun. Not being fond of rotting corpses attempting to molest our persons, we killed the dead things, uhm. . . more dead. This appeared to purify the mosaic, turning the sun to a more normal golden hue. Leucis told us that the sun wasn’t magical, and so we moved along without giving too much thought to yet another weird crazy thing in this castle.




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